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  • Great product love it.
    ~Mohak verma~
  • Such a good product.
    ~Rishika ~
  • Awesome.. my father quit insulin injections after taking sugar kusumakar. 1 teaspoon with water 2 times. Great ayurvedic medicine. Thanks
    ~Manish Kumar~
  • 5/5 Very impressive product
    ~Lauren H~
  • Fast delivery
    ~Chandan ~
  • It's a wonderful medicine to the people who are suffeng from high sugar levels with no progress inspite of several efforts including high dosage medicines. Try this and it shows instant results. No matter how serious is your sugar levels, just 1 to 2 spoons before food and check ur sugar levels after 1.5 to 2 hours. Those on a strict diet must use a very minimum quantity for it can bring down your sugar levels to as low as 50 to 60mg. Trust me. Used many ayurvedic and allopathic medicines for diabetes but to no use. I have recommended this medicine to many people and it is showing excellent results. I sincerely request the manufacturer to continue supplying this medicine. It's a precious gift to all the Sugar patients. A silent revolution. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the manufacturer. God bless. 🙏 One person found this helpful
  • This is an Excellent, Amazing and Magical Product. I was on Allopathic/English medicine for the past 5+ years spending hell lot of money with lot of side effects to the body. One of my friends recommended this "Sugar kusumakar churna" and it started showing excellent result in just 3 to 4 days. My diabetes level used to be more than 250 all time using Allopathic/English medicine but after using this product it is now 100 to 120 with no physical work, no diet control etc. I eat all that a normal person eat. I guess this Allopathic manufacturers and doctors are doing just a business to make money. I have completely stopped Allopathic medicines and using this "Sugar kusumakar churna" for 4+ months now with excellent control on my diabetes level. I can say I have become NON-DIABETIC now. But yes request to the Manufacturer to be very alert for fraud people who will be trying to make duplicate of this product and sell in the market.
  • Effective and at best price
    ~Sonu Sharma~
  • Just buy it & you will never regret.
    ~Somya Keshri~